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CrossFit – CrossFit is defined as Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, Performed at high intensity. Anyone can do CrossFit.

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Tri Q CrossFit “SPORT” is programmed with all aspects of CrossFit with variations of Kettlebell and Dumbbell work is place of the barbell.

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Tri Q Barbell

Tri Q Barbell Club andOlympic Weightlifting classes are designed with a specific focus on Olympic movements and weightlifting.

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Classes will ignite the light from deep within you by vibrantly complimenting you in each and every moment.

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Personal Training

We offer many options for personal training with many different trainers to choose from. From one on one work with CrossFit movements and technique, specific goal oriented Olympic movement or Weightlifting, personalized programming, or just that hard push you need from a personal trainer. We are here to help with any package we can get you into.

Small Group Training

We also offer Small Group training where you could be paired with 1 to 4 different members all performing the same style workout programmed for each day. With a small class, the price point can be better budgeted with the same feel as a personalized session. Message us to learn more.

J-Town Bootcamp Challenge

The program is a kick start to taking control of your fitness lifestyle. We pack the punch with this offer and will set you up for fitness success. The new year means a brand new and better you! We have 3 packages to choose from to get you on the right check. We have everything from total meal prep, supplement, and training packages to just the training package.

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